Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Supply Chain Operations Academy (SCOA) Training Program>

The following are the Terms and Conditions of the Flipkart Supply Chain Operations Academy Training Program. Please note that by choosing and being part of the SCOA training program, you agree and accept to abide by the Terms and Conditions. In addition to this, during your training program, the SCOA may issue revised or additional terms/guidelines/rules pertaining to the training program.

  1. Scope of Flipkart Supply Chain Academy’s Training Program 
    1. To get enrolled in the Flipkart Supply Chain Operations Academy’s Training Program participants will have to clear the qualifying assessment test. The participants will not be eligible for enrollment without clearing the assessment test.
    2. The total duration of the program is 61 days which is further divided into two parts i.e.,16 days of dedicated Online Training and 45 days of training session on the floor. On successful completion of the training, the participants will be eligible for stipend as per company policy. All taxes will be applicable on the stipend as per the applicable laws.
    3. Enrolment to the Flipkart SCOA Training Program may be often on a first come first serve basis and may be limited seats /bandwidth or other related factors. Therefore, SCOA reserve the right to refuse the enrollment to any participant based on SCOA discretion.
    4. The online training will be done digitally hence we will not provide any infrastructure facility for such training.
    5. The SCOA will only provide skilling development opportunities if for any reason whatsoever, the training platform is non-functional or offline and the SCOA will not be liable in such cases.
    6. Participants will have to bear the cost of travel/food/lodging during the on floor/on job training period. They will have to make their own arrangements The SCOA will not bear or reimburse any such expenses.
    7. If any participant who is not clearing the assessment, quiz, and the training modules then such participant will be disqualified from the program. In in such cases, the SCOA decision will be final.
  2. Rules for the Participants

    These rules shall apply to all the participants enrolled with the Flipkart Supply Chain Operations Academy’s Training program:

    Code of Conduct:

    1. All Participants shall bring their own stationery like diaries, pens etc. for the training.
    2. No Participant shall not indulge in any kind of money laundering, consumer fraud or bribery activities during the training period.
    3. All Participants should respect each other and should always make sincere efforts to avoid unwanted waste of time, materials or resources.
    4. All Participants shall adhere to all the specified safety precautions and recommended procedure of operations during classroom training and on the floor as well.
    5. No Participant shall indulge in any act of violence, hatred or incite any other participant to do such activities during the training period.
    6. No Participant shall not participate in any political agitation or similar activities. Also, mass representation or signature campaigns for seeking favors or defying lawful orders are prohibited.
    7. Consumption of alcohol, smoking, chewing of pan, gutka, tobacco, gum etc., is not allowed during the training program or at any of facility of Flipkart.

    Academic discipline:

    1. All participants should be punctual and strictly adhere to the training session’s time.
    2. All participants are required to maintain 100% attendance during the training program. Any unscheduled leave or absenteeism will lead to disciplinary action which further may result in cancellation of enrollment.
    3. Habitual late coming, willful absenteeism shall result in cancellation on enrollment from the academy’s training program.

    Leave Under Extraordinary Circumstances:

    1. All participants should have full attendance during the training period and there is no stipulated leave facility, except 1 week-off per week (Roster/ Sunday Fixed off). However, under exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the Academy Manager, the leave may be granted. Ex: – Deaths in family, accident, illness, marriages etc. Any leave on account of illness should be certified by a registered Medical Practitioner. Any leave cannot be claimed as a right and may be granted at the discretion of the Academy Manager.
  3. Legal Rights

    Flipkart Supply Chain Operations Academy reserves the rights to choose the enrollment and selection procedure (e.g., telephonic/face-to-face/video conference).

    1. Any replication of Flipkart Supply Chain Operations Academy processes or sharing information about the Training Program over phone/email/text with any third party/freelancer shall result in a legal action against such participant.
  4. Indemnity

    By choosing Flipkart Supply Chain Operations Academy training program, the Participant agree to Indemnify and hold Flipkart Supply Chain Operations Academy and its parents, affiliates, employees, officers, and other representatives harmless from and against any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys’ fees made by any third party due to or arising out of your use of Flipkart Supply Chain Operations Academy’s Training Program, your violation of Transfer of Information or TOI, or your violation of any third party rights.

  5. Confidentiality/non-Disclosure

    Any information shared by the Participants for the purpose of the training program will remain confidential and shall not be misused or shared with external parties for any purpose whatsoever, except in cases where hiring organization or company demands such information or any government or court orders to share such information.

  6. Change in Terms and Conditions

    Flipkart Supply Chain Operations Academy reserves the rights to change/amend the Terms And Conditions without any prior notification. Flipkart Supply Chain Operations Academy will not responsible for notifying any changes made to the Terms and Conditions.

  7. Change in Terms and Conditions

    this logo is registered trademark of the Flipkart Supply Chain Operations Academy. All rights thereto are reserved.

  8. Enforcement of Terms and Conditions

    The Terms and Conditions will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the India. The courts of Bengaluru, Karnataka, shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate upon any or all disputes arising out of or in connection with the terms and conditions of the training program.

Scope of Flipkart Supply Chain Operations Academy’s Training Program
The Flipkart Supply Chain Operations Academy will take the participants on board, where he/she will initially be trained for 16 days through Digital mode followed by 45 days of internship in different assets and related activities.
  1. Each participant must complete the daily learning modules followed by the assessment test. The participant will be eligible for internship only after the successful completion of 16 days of the training program and assessments tests.
  2. All participants have understood that the training modules are for the whole batch. Any extension in joining time will not be provided to participants. It is therefore essential for the participants to join on the scheduled date, failing which the participants will have to join the next batch.
  3. The training modules are IT enabled and reading material will be available through electronic media (Learning Management System). The participants will have to get equip themselves with Mobile/ Laptop/ PC to pursue the training.
  4. The Academy is looking for participants who are self-driven, ready to take the challenges and comfortable in working in shifts in the Company’s warehouses and facilities. The Academy believes that hard-working participants having the enthusiasm and the ability to cope up with difficult situations are ideal for the Supply Chain Industry.
Terms & Conditions
  1. The participants shall abide by the Company’s policies Rules and Regulations including the Code of Conduct, and such other directions, instructions or guidelines issued by the Company from time to time during training or internship.
  2. Under the terms and conditions, the Company agrees to provide each Participant with 45 days of paid training or internship (only when he/she clears the 16 days of initial training Program) for identified learning objectives and the participant agrees to provide all work and services (the “Services”) reasonably required by the Company.
  3. The participants will have to attend the training or internship. During the internship period, each participant will be assigned the work as per the company requirements. The internship period will be of 45 days. The participants will get 1 Week-Off per week (Roster/Sunday Fixed off).
  4. Any task/work assigned to the participant while on training (internship) is solely for the purpose of developing the participant’s competence, understanding and familiarity of the business.
  5. It is expected that the participant shall reach a reasonable standard of competence and performance for each task for which he/she has been trained.
  6. There is no contractual relationship between the participant and the Company. The internship or training program shall not be construed as an offer for job or an employment contract. However, it is also expected that all participants must perform to the best of his/her ability to complete the task/work.
  7. The participants will be paid a stipend for the training (internship) period. On the successful completion of the internship, candidates will be provided with stipend as per the company policy. Besides this stipend amount, the company will not pay any amount to any participants on the account of any expenses, costs etc. that any candidate may incur during the training period.
  8. All participants must keep a record of all tasks/work assigned to them and ensure that the same is also recorded on the platform.
  9. The Participants will not get any IT hardware support (laptop, Mobile etc.).
  10. No participant will be allowed to take any uninformed leave. If any participant is unable to attend the training, then he/she must inform the Academy manager prior to the day of absence.
  11. Each participant must observe the Company’s vision, mission and values at all times.
  12. The Training Academy (Academy Manager) will designate an individual during the internship period to train, mentor and monitor the participant. The Academy Manager shall be the primary point of contact for the participant. Any requests from the participant should be communicated to the Academy Manager.
  13. In case, if any participant wants to leave the training program at any point in time, must give one week of notice for discussion. In this case, the company will not be liable to pay the stipend, if the training period is less than 7 days. Further, if the training period is equal to 7 days or greater than 7 days, the company will pay the stipend depending on the number of days completed by such participants.
  14. The Company may end the training program at any point in time if the participant is unable to perform the tasks/work to the satisfaction of the Company or Academy Manager.
  15. The company may nullify the enrollment consent at any point before joining and if joined without notice if Flipkart Supply Chain Operations Academy comes across any evidence/ knowledge that the qualification/or any other particulars indicated by the participant in the application/ resume/ other forms/ formats submitted are not recognized/ false/ misleading and /or amounts to suppression of information/particulars/facts which should have been brought to the notice of Flipkart Supply Chain Operations Academy.
  16. The progress and performance of all participants will be reviewed during and after the completion of the Training period (Digital learning and internship) and a performance review shall be conducted with the following criteria:
    a. Standard of work and behaviour during the period
    b. Reliability and performance
    c. Timekeeping & task records
    d. General conduct
  17. Grounds for nullification of enrollment:
    a. Unauthorized absences or lack of communication
    b. Unable to attend training.
    c. Use of inappropriate language or conduct with the Company’s customers or its employees d. Inappropriate behaviour with any employees of the company
    e. Misuse of tools or information provided by the company
    f. Nonadherence of company’s policies, rules, regulations, directions, guidelines etc
    g. Failure to achieve the goals and improvement in the skills
    h. Failure to comply with the working requirements.
    i. If any participant is found to be involved in any illegal act or criminal offence.